Little Gem

Cast-off cedar logs are given second life as a crystalline form. The natural beauty of reclaimed wood is harnessed in this side table and sculpture piece where nature informs design. Each piece is hand-shaped and faceted based on the different characteristics of the log used, and variations in wood grain. Top surface and finish further ensure that no two are alike. Left to weather outdoors, this piece will acquire a natural silver finish.


Western red or yellow cedar.


Hand rubbed oil and beeswax polish.


 - Natural red cedar
 - Carbon dyed red cedar
 - Salmon dyed yellow cedar
 - White washed yellow cedar

Solid Wood Top or Top insert
 - Top insert 1/2" deep recess allowing various materials to sit flush to edges
 - Stone
 - Glass
 - Plated Metals
 - Powder Coated Metals
 - Other customizations available on request

Approximately 18-24”w at base, 12-16”w at top x 24”h
Custom Heights also available
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