dendera angled view


It’s believed that ancient Egyptians may have had the technology to harness electricity and create light thousands of years ago. This technology is referred to as the light of the Dendera Temple. This customizable pendant light combines ancient Egyptian mysticism with modern home design. Dendera is suspended above dining tables, kitchen islands, bar seating; wherever people gather for good conversation.


Solid black walnut or whitewashed white ash cap, solid brass hardware and fittings, vegetable tanned oiled leather straps, and frosted acrylic diffuser lens. Dimmable 2700 kelvin low-voltage LED lighting.


Hand rubbed oil (walnut) or waterborne polyurethane (ash) and beeswax polish.


Hanger rods made to length.

Wooden Top Plate
 - Solid whitewashed Canadian white ash or
 - Solid American black walnut

Metal Fixtures
 - Polished brass or
 - Powder coated steel
 - Dark tanned or
 - Veg tanned

8"w x 48"/72"l x 13"h (approx.)
Hanger length is customizable
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