Hoop And Stave

Floating steel hoops let into a 12 sided stave base hold up a smoked glass top referencing the vintage craft of the cooper. Peering through the top you are able to see the detailed wood joinery within the base as well as the layers of stacked geometry that make this table unique. Available as a coffee table or dining table that seats 6 comfortably.


Solid Canadian white ash, steel, tempered glass


White Washed or Carbon Dyed and finished with Low VOC Satin Lacquer and Beeswax Polish


 - Ultra Grey
 - Clear

Steel Rings 
 - Blackened
 - Powder Coated

Ash Base
 - Carbon Black
 - Salmon

Coffee table 38"w x 16"h
Dining table 60"w x 29"h
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